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Our routes

Our gourmet runs are designed to combine the pleasure of running and culinary discoveries. Travel through the most picturesque neighborhoods of Paris, follow a carefully planned route and stop at the most famous pastries.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, our races are suitable for all levels.

Join us for a unique and delicious experience!


Guided group tour

(around 90 min / 3 pastries included).

Discover Paris in a friendly

and gourmet way during our

guided group tour.

Join other passionate travelers and explore the city's iconic sites, while sampling delicious local pastries.

Our carefully designed itinerary will allow you to live a unique experience, combining physical exercise with

sweet pleasures.

Book now for a memorable adventure through Paris!

Individual guided tour

(approximately 120 minutes / 3 pastries included).

Treat yourself to a personalized and exclusive experience with

our individual guided tour of Paris.

Enjoy a tailor-made itinerary,

designed to your interests, while enjoying

delicious artisan pastries.

Your experienced guide will take you off the beaten track to discover

the hidden treasures of the city.

Experience complete immersion in

Parisian culture while satisfying your taste buds.

Book now for an unforgettable visit!


Superior individual guided tour

(approximately 120 min / 3 Palace pastries included).

Discover Paris with elegance and refinement during our top of the line guided tour.

Accompanied by a private guide,

you will explore the most prestigious neighborhoods of the city and taste

sumptuous pastries from 

renowned palaces.

This exclusive experience is designed for lovers of luxury and

unique gastronomic experiences.

Book now to experience

an exceptional experience in Paris!

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