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“1Run 1Pastry” General Conditions of Sale.

It is important that participants carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Sale, understand the risks associated with participating in races and accept the limitations of liability before registering and participating in a "1Run 1Pastry" race.


1. Object

These General Conditions of Sale (CGV) govern the contractual relationship between “1Run1Pastry” and its customers within the framework of the “1Run1Pastry” service. This service offers walking runs accompanied by discoveries of pastries.


2. Description of service

The “1Run1Pastry” service consists of organizing guided running runs in specific locations, during which participants have the opportunity to discover and taste artisanal pastries. Details of each race, including distance, location and included pastries, will be specified upon registration.


3. Registration and payment

a) Registration: Participants must register in advance via our website or any other specified booking channel. Registration is subject to availability and may be limited in number of places.

b) Prices: The prices for the “1Run1Pastry” runs are indicated during registration. They include participation in the guided run, tasting of selected pastries and any other services mentioned.

c) Payment: Full payment is required upon registration. Participants can use the payment methods specified on our website.


4. Cancellation and refund

a) Cancellation by the participant: In the event of cancellation of participation in a race, refunds will be subject to the conditions specified at the time of registration. Cancellation fees may apply.

b) Cancellation by “1Run1Pastry”: In the event of cancellation of a run for reasons beyond our control (weather conditions, "force majeure", etc.), we reserve the right to propose a postponement date or a full refund.


5. Responsibilities

a) Health and safety: Participants are responsible for their own health and must ensure that they are fit to participate in a running event. We cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or health problems occurring during the run.

b) Compliance with the rules: Participants must respect the safety rules and the instructions given by the guides during the run. Any inappropriate or disrespectful behavior may result in the exclusion of the participant without reimbursement.


6. Intellectual property

All content, including texts, images and logos, present on our website and in our communications remain the intellectual property of “1Run1Pastry”. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


7. Data confidentiality

We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of participants' personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. The data collected will only be used within the framework of the organization of the runs and will not be shared with third parties without prior consent.


8. Limits of responsibilities

a) “1Run1Pastry” makes every effort to guarantee the safety and smooth running of running races. However, we assume no responsibility for accidents, injuries, property damage or any other harm caused while participating in our runs. Participants must act responsibly and take all necessary precautions for their own safety.

b) Participants are responsible for their own health and should consult a healthcare professional before participating in a run if they have any pre-existing medical conditions or physical limitations.

c) The pastries provided during the runs are prepared by professional pastry chefs. However, we assume no responsibility for allergies, food intolerances or adverse reactions caused by the consumption of the pastries. Participants must inform “1Run1Pastry” of any known allergies prior to participating in a run.

d) "1Run1Pastry" cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or additional costs incurred by participants, including travel, accommodation or meal costs, resulting from the cancellation or modification of a run.


9. Health and sanitary exclusions

a) Participants must ensure that they are in good physical and mental health to participate in a “1Run1Pastry” run. We explicitly exclude the participation of people with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart problems, serious respiratory disorders, recent injuries or any other health problem that could compromise their safety during the run. It is the responsibility of participants to consult a healthcare professional and consider their own limitations before registering and participating in a run.

b) Participants should be aware that pastries offered during runs may contain allergens such as gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, etc. We exclude all liability in the event of allergic reactions or food intolerances caused by the consumption of the pastries. It is the responsibility of participants to take their own precautions and review the ingredient information provided by the pastry chefs before enjoying the pastries.

c) Due to health and hygiene considerations, participants must comply with local rules and regulations regarding food safety and personal hygiene. Participants must refrain from participating in a run if they have a contagious disease, infection or if they exhibit symptoms such as fever, cough, or any other signs indicating a health condition. Likely to endanger other participants.


10. Limitations of cancellation cases

a) Cancellation by the participant: In the event of cancellation of participation in a run, refunds will be subject to the following conditions:

- Cancellation more than 36 hours before the date of the run: full refund of the amount paid, less any specified cancellation fees.

- Cancellation between 36 and 14 hours before the run date: partial refund of 70 (seventy)% of the amount paid, after deduction of the specified cancellation fees.

- Cancellation 14 hours or less before the run date: no refund will be made.

Cancellation fees, if applicable, will be clearly indicated at the time of registration and may vary depending on the nature of the run and the services booked.


b) Cancellation by “1Run1Pastry”: In the event of cancellation of a run for reasons beyond our control, such as hazardous weather conditions, health concerns, government restrictions or any other unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to take the following measures:

- Propose a new date for the run, to which participants can postpone their participation at no additional cost.

- Offer an alternative or replacement of equivalent value, such as a credit to be used for a future run.

- Proceed with a full refund of the amount paid by participants.

We undertake to inform participants as soon as possible in the event of cancellation and to process requests for refunds or postponements diligently.

11. Interruption and abbreviation

"In the event of interruption or abbreviation of the visit or non-consumption of a service by the Client, whatever the reason, no refund will be made. The Client is required to inform the company of any essential element of his decision and any particularity concerning him which may have an impact on the progress of the visit."

12. Image Rights

a) By participating in our “1Run1Pastry” runs, the Customer consents to photos, videos or recordings of their image being taken during the event. These media may be used for promotional and marketing purposes by “1Run1Pastry”.

b) If the Client wishes not to be included in these media or has any concerns regarding the use of their image, they must notify 1Run 1Pastry in writing prior to the run date. “1Run1Pastry” will endeavor to honor these requests, but cannot guarantee that all images will be excluded due to possible use by third parties.

c) “1Run1Pastry” reserves the right to use media captured during runs for promotion and advertising, including on its website, social media accounts and any related promotional materials.


It is important that the Customer carefully reads and understands this section on image rights before registering and participating in our “1Run1Pastry” runs.


13. Artisanal Spirit and Shop Traffic

a) At "1Run1Pastry", we celebrate the artisanal spirit of local pastry chefs who passionately create their sweet delights. We highlight the unique and handmade character of their products.

b) It is important to note that we are in no way responsible for the traffic in the stores visited during our shopping. Opening hours, product availability and capacity of stores are under the exclusive control of the owners of these establishments.

c) We strive to plan our itineraries to provide a pleasant experience, but variations may occur depending on the situation in the stores. We ask participants to show understanding and flexibility in this regard.

d) By participating in our runs, the Customer accepts that the experience may vary depending on store traffic and external factors beyond our control. We are committed to providing a sweet experience, but the atmosphere in the stores will depend on their own operation.


We invite the Customer to consider this aspect of our “1Run1Pastry” experience before registering for our runs.


14. Preparation and Equipment

a) Participation in our “1Run1Pastry” tours implies adequate preparation on the part of the Client. It is essential to equip yourself appropriately to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

b) We recommend that participants wear comfortable sports clothing suitable for running, as well as appropriate running shoes to reduce the risk of injury.

c) In addition, it is crucial to provide hydration during the race. We strongly encourage participants to bring a water bottle or hydration system to stay well hydrated throughout the event.

d) Physical preparation and personal equipment are the responsibility of the Client. We remind you of the importance of taking these measures to fully enjoy the “1Run1Pastry” experience in complete safety.


We encourage all participants to prepare adequately for our runs by following these recommendations. This will contribute to a more enjoyable and successful experience.

15. Participation of Minors

a) Our services are primarily aimed at adults. However, we welcome participants who are at least 12 years old if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

b) The minimum age for participation is therefore 12 years. It is important to note that the price is the same for a minor as for an adult, thus providing equal access to our sweet experience.

16. Food Allergies

a) We take food allergies very seriously. Participants must report any food allergies when booking a tour, at the start of the tour, and upon arrival at a pastry shop.

b) This information allows us to take necessary precautions and provide safe alternatives where possible.

c) The safety and well-being of our participants, including those with food allergies, is of the utmost importance to us. We are actively working to provide a safe sweet experience for everyone.

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